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When it comes to dealing with the costs associated with embarking on and completing the journey to accreditation, QHA Trent believes in value for money.  
Any healthcare provider - whether a hospital, polyclinic, general medical or dental practice, or care home - who choose to commission QHA Trent as their accreditor will be quoted a competitive price.

How the overall cost of the accreditation process is arrived at:

Pre-surveys and surveys, both of which are mandatory in all cases, are delivered entirely by surveyors trained by experts who themselves were trained in  the UK.  Accordingly the charges include

  • the fee charged by QHA Trent for the pre-survey visit

  • the fee charged by QHA Trent for the survey


The amounts quoted take into account:​

  • the number of beds (if any) in the hospital/clinic/residential care home etc.

  • the number of surveyors needed and the number of days the survey will take (which, in turn, are based on the size of the hospital/clinic etc.)

  • the number of sites on which a healthcare provider provides services

  • public versus private ownership of the healthcare provider etc

  • any optional services requested by the healthcare provider

  • other relevant factors

To this must be added:

  • surveyors' flight costs - business or economy class depending on distance and other factors

  • surveyors' per diems

  • surveyor's living expenses

All quotations will be given in UK Pounds Sterling (£).




Other services from QHA Trent
​As well as basic accreditation, QHA Trent also offers a range of other surveying and accreditation packages.
These include the surveying and accreditation of assisted conception/IVF services, spas, residential care homes, nursing homes, cancer services, hospices and palliative care services, telemedicine services, occupational health services, ambulance services, home-based (domiciliary) services and services offering traditional, alternative and complementary medicine.  

QHA Trent offers training courses and mock surveys.

QHA Trent also offers "Accreditation Plus", an enhanced assessment of specialised services that hospitals or clinics that have already gone through a basic general holistic accreditation (either from QHA Trent or from another scheme) are wishing to market as being genuinely of superior quality.  

Please contact QHA Trent for further details - including prices - of these and other products.

Other issues

QHA Trent asks for payment to be made in advance (at least six weeks) of any pre-survey, survey or other service taking place.

In line with standard business practice, QHA Trent reserves the right to vary the fees and other charges it is obliged to make at any time.  The company's policy is to always keep customers as fully informed as possible about this process.

In many parts of the world, QHA Trent and healthcare providers sometimes cooperate with agents or equivalent, who may also wish to charge a fee or fees, and QHA Trent usually has no control over the level of any such fees.  QHA Trent's view is that any such fees should be discussed in advance by all relevant parties and the details agreed in writing prior to any work going ahead.

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