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The United Kingdom is widely acknowledged to possess one of the very best healthcare services in the world. 
Public sector healthcare services are provided to the entire population by the world-famous NHS (National Health Service), while a range of excellent private sector services (for example those centred on London's Harley Street and Wimpole Street) are also available.
Mandatory regulation of healthcare providers in England, one of the four countries of the UK, is undertaken by the reknowned Care Quality Commission, or CQC (NB Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own regulatory arrangements, which are similar to those in England).  
QHA Trent Accreditation is a privately managed British-based tax-paying healthcare company with a worldwide vision dedicated to improving quality and reducing risk for patients, the general public and healthcare providers, and making its services available for as reasonable a price as possible.

As a clinically-orientated accreditation scheme, QHA Trent specialises in the surveying and accreditation of healthcare provider organisations such as hospitals, clinics and spas. 
QHA's working philosophy is based firmly upon the "British way of doing things".

QHA Trent is owned and managed by a group of acknowledged clinicians and other experts who actively work within the British public healthcare sector and in private medical practice, although QHA Trent is completely independent of and separate from the National Health Service (NHS) and mandatory regulatory organisations such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
In fact, QHA Trent embraces a culture of impartiality, and is also totally managerially independent of all governments, quangos, multi-interest megacompanies, insurance companies, private healthcare providers, medical tourism facilitators and other accreditation schemes. 

QHA Trent values and promotes professionalism and commitment to service above all else, and in this way the accreditation scheme ensures that the well-being of patients and healthcare staff are put first, as they should be.  The group has within its ranks considerable and long-standing expertise in a wide range of healthcare fields deeply embedded into its DNA.

QHA Trent's way of doing things is based on comprehensive evidence-based standards sets that deal thoroughly with the generality of governance and clinical governance in a hospital, clinic or other provider of healthcare services, as well as the quality of the clinical services that are on offer.  In 2013 QHA Trent's standards were accredited by ISQua, and the scheme continues to work towards re-accreditation with ISQua.
All assessments are impartial and hands-on, and delivered through a system of pre-surveys and surveys.  

Lastly, wherever possible QHA Trent always prefers to follow a developmental rather than a didactic approach to the journey to accreditation, and to work side by side with healthcare providers towards attaining the best possible levels of safety and quality, not only for patients but also for staff, management and the general public.




"QHA Ltd" is registered as a private limited company with Companies House UK (England & Wales company number 07146536).

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