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QHA Trent is a British organisation whose mission is to provide an expert-led, evidence-based, reasonably priced and transparent
scheme for providers of healthcare services such as hospitals and clinics 
QHA Trent is based in the United Kingdom (UK).
It is a fully independent hands-on tax-paying holistic clinical accreditation scheme for hospitals, clinics and other providers of healthcare. 
The scheme operates in the UK and internationally.

QHA Trent helps establish independently and impartially if individual hospitals, clinics and other types of healthcare providers (both public sector and private sector) are genuinely safe and fit for purpose, and works closely with healthcare providers to improve and optimise the medical and other clinical care they offer and deliver both to domestic patients and to medical tourism clients
Issues such as the safety and fitness for purpose of healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, assisted conception/IVF facilities, spas and other healthcare provider organisations are not only of great interest to patients themselves, whether at home or abroad, but should also be for those who are involved in the process of commissioning and supplying healthcare and related services at home or abroad, including health insurance companies, multi-national companies with staff based overseas, medical evacuation companies, airlines, travel agencies, medical tourism facilitators, universities with overseas campuses, military planners, governments & other 3rd party payers.

Of course, there is no way that QHA Trent can oblige any healthcare provider to go through its accreditation process.  It is individual healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics, who must of their own volition take the first steps towards independent accreditation, and it is them who have to take the decision whether or not to invest their own resources in that way.  
Furthermore, award of the certificate of accreditation is rather like the situation with going to a university and studying for a degree - you need to be good enough to pass the exams, and better still to obtain first class honours or magna cum laude!  
For this reason, accreditation by QHA Trent is to be valued highly, and is a good indicator as to whether or not a hospital, clinic or other type of healthcare provider truly "has what it takes.".  
However, from the point of view of what is charged for accreditation and other services, QHA Trent always seeks to promote and to follow a "value for money" culture.

For further information please contact QHA Trent directly.

Working with and being accredited by QHA Trent represents a public declaration that a healthcare provider  organisation values independence of thought and has rejected conflict of interest

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